Repercussions (I). © Chris Bronsk 2014.

Repercussions (II). © Chris Bronsk 2014.

“Through this reverberation, by going immediately beyond all psychology or psychoanalysis, we feel a poetic power rising naïvely within us. After the original reverberation, we are able to experience resonances, sentimental repercussions, reminders of our past. But the image has touched the depths before it stirs the surface. And this is also true of the simple experience of reading. The image offered us by reading the poem now becomes really our own. It takes root in us. It has been given us by another, but we begin to have the impression that we could have created it, that we should have created it. It becomes a new being in our language, expressing us by making us what it expresses; in other words, it is at once a becoming of expression, and a becoming of our being. Here expression creates being.” —Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

(For my ongoing series of photographs of people reading in public.)



Squall (I). © Chris Bronsk 2014.

Squall (II). © Chris Bronsk 2014.

“…the way a road

can seem to tease a coast, tracing the littoral,
feinting into and away from the curves it owes

and takes as its own, an old game of shores
and edges, sometimes wild with sprays of phlox,

aligned elsewhere with mist, acts of rising
made low, burning off into bluffs…”

Images and words (excerpted from “Peninsula”) by © Chris Bronsk 2014.