That Memorable Night in March

“Spiritually a year of profound gloom and indigence until that memorable night in March, at the end of the jetty, in the howling wind, never to be forgotten, when suddenly I saw the whole thing. The vision, at last. This I fancy is what I have chiefly to record this last evening, against the dayContinue reading “That Memorable Night in March”

Whoever Is Near

(for my ongoing Two by Two series) DANCING ON NEW YEAR’S EVE AT DAVE AND SHEILA’S by W.S. Di Piero “Everybody’s looking for something” and everything smells good. My sweating partner’s hips push harder into mine, tequila yeasting through our skin and we’d lick each other dry, drink more, do it again while blue lampsContinue reading “Whoever Is Near”

The Cracks of a Gate

ANYTHING RATHER THAN AN ANGEL – Zbigniew Herbert If after our death they want to transform us into a tiny withered flame that walks along the paths of winds—we have to rebel. What good is an eternal leisure on the bosom of air, in the shade of a yellow halo, amid the murmur of two-dimensional choirs?Continue reading “The Cracks of a Gate”