Jacket worn and shabby like a pack of wolves. Face like a marble chip. Sitting in a ring of his letters in the grove that sighs of mocking and mistakes. Yes, the heart is blown like paper through inhospitable passages. Now sunset steals like a fox across this land setting the grass on fire inContinue reading “Sentinel”

New World

“Saturn, its frozen rings fire-white, reflecting the sun from a billion miles. Maybe there’s a word in another language for when distance dissolves into time. How are we changed when we stand out under the fat stars of summer, our pores opening in the night? The earth from Saturn is a pale blue orb, smallerContinue reading “New World”

Creature Fear

CROW’S VANITY Looking close in the evil mirror Crow saw Mistings of civilizations towers gardens Battles he wiped the glass but there came Listings of skyscrapers webs of cities Steaming the glass he wiped it there came Spread of swamp ferns fronded on the listings A trickling spider he wiped the glass he peered ForContinue reading “Creature Fear”

By Appointment (Self-Portrait)

“I like a steady disruption. I like it when the solid mantle turns to shingle and water rushes up it over and over, in love. My white-noise machine from Argos is set to Crashing Wave but I’m not averse to the presence of numerous and minute quanta moving very fast in unison; occasions when aContinue reading “By Appointment (Self-Portrait)”