Sentinel (I). © Chris Bronsk 2014.

Sentinel (II). © Chris Bronsk 2014.

Jacket worn and shabby like a pack of wolves.
Face like a marble chip.
Sitting in a ring of his letters in the grove that sighs
of mocking and mistakes.
Yes, the heart is blown like paper through inhospitable passages.

Now sunset steals like a fox across this land
setting the grass on fire in a moment.
The sky is filled with horns and hooves, and underneath
the calèche glides shadowy between my father’s
illuminated estates.

Tomas Tranströmer, excerpted from “Gogol”

Refuse Stasis

Refuse Stasis. © Chris Bronsk 2013.
Refuse Stasis. © Chris Bronsk 2013.
Reconfigure Bones. © Chris Bronsk 2013.
Reconfigure Bones. © Chris Bronsk 2013.
Exquisite Repose. © Chris Bronsk 2013.
Exquisite Repose. © Chris Bronsk 2013.

“And Father, dear Father, ‘your memory causes my heart to fall out,’ to spatter flat on the ground until all is left behind, until the hollow body begins to trace out its shell-like regions:  the ribcage, chest, and pelvic girdle grieve until the bones are rearranged, resemble a skeleton, a museum exhibit, a body shell case. In case the glass shatters, document the past with exquisite repose; reconfigure the bones until they order the mind without disrupting the brain, which is constantly at work to put the pieces back in order. Say to the brain: ‘Replenish the images you refuse to keep; refuse stasis. Resign from eating away at the thing; eat the thing.” —Claire Donato, Burial

Codes (I)

This is another series I’m working on, Codes. I like the way the landscape is inscribed—by nature and people—in ways we tend to overlook in our daily comings and goings. At least I often do. Taking pictures of these patterns is, for me, about paying closer attention—or a different kind of attention—to my surroundings. Historian and photographer John Stilgoe explores and celebrates this mindfulness of the everyday in his wonderful book Outside Lies Magic, which I strongly recommend for anyone who likes taking pictures.

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