When the Light Cools

If night is our last address, This is the place we moved from, Backs on fire, our futures hard-edged and sure to arrive. These are the towns our lives abandoned, Winds in our faces, The idea of incident like a box beside us on the Trailways seat. And where were we headed for? The countryContinue reading “When the Light Cools”

Rhythms Collide

“Nobody died that year. Nobody prospered. There were no births or marriages. Seventeen reverent satires were written—disrupting a cliché and, presumably, creating a genre. That was a dream, of course, but many of the most important things, I find, are the ones learned in your sleep. Speech, tennis, music, skiing, manners, love—you try them wakingContinue reading “Rhythms Collide”

Refuse Stasis

“And Father, dear Father, ‘your memory causes my heart to fall out,’ to spatter flat on the ground until all is left behind, until the hollow body begins to trace out its shell-like regions:  the ribcage, chest, and pelvic girdle grieve until the bones are rearranged, resemble a skeleton, a museum exhibit, a body shellContinue reading “Refuse Stasis”

Stretching the Cord

“They both knew that, as they say, the end was already written, the end of them, of the sad young people who read novels together, who wake up with books lost between the blankets, who smoke a lot of marijuana and listen to songs that are not the same ones they separately prefer (of EllaContinue reading “Stretching the Cord”

Once as Good as Always

Once that moment had passed, a more objective gaze revealed that the sticky object in his hand was formless and repulsive. He was through for the day. He tossed the fish into the washbowl full of water, and, for want of a rag, dried his hands on the sheet of notepaper, which he then foldedContinue reading “Once as Good as Always”

Imminent Equilibrium

“Most of all I enjoy central-heating control rooms, where men with higher education, chained to their jobs like dogs to their kennels, write the history of their times as a sort of sociological survey and where I learned how the fourth estate was depopulated and the proletariat went from base to superstructure and how theContinue reading “Imminent Equilibrium”

Codes (II)

Michal Ajvaz‘s fantastic novel The Other City is a surrealistic guidebook to the hidden spaces and invisible ‘other’ Prague. Writing in a dreamlike prose reminiscent of Borges, Ajvaz describes and explores the invisible city of the imagination that, he says, is enmeshed in the unoccupied spaces of the known world. It’s a brilliant book thatContinue reading “Codes (II)”