The Evers

At least once you should live with someone more medicated than yourself. A tall man, he closed his eyes before he spoke, stocked groceries at night and heard voices. We were eating cereal the first time, Cream of Wheat. He said that she said we’re all out of evers without explaining who she was orContinue reading “The Evers”

Refuse Stasis

“And Father, dear Father, ‘your memory causes my heart to fall out,’ to spatter flat on the ground until all is left behind, until the hollow body begins to trace out its shell-like regions:  the ribcage, chest, and pelvic girdle grieve until the bones are rearranged, resemble a skeleton, a museum exhibit, a body shellContinue reading “Refuse Stasis”

Unknown Pleasures

“The concept of the world as a system of precise compensation influenced the Immortals vastly. In the first place, it made them vulnerable to pity. I have mentioned the ancient quarries which broke the field on the other bank; a man once fell headlong into the deepest of them; he could not hurt himself orContinue reading “Unknown Pleasures”


“Every poem moves by the propulsion and rhythm of a speaker’s intake and outtake of breath. We are the organs that make the music here, and when we play musical instruments or use our pens to write poems on paper, we extend by prosthesis the capacities of voice and breath that are ours by birth.”Continue reading “Glyphs”

Tracing Mansions

WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO SAY GOODBYE by Anna Akhmatova We don’t know how to say goodbye: we wander on, shoulder to shoulder. Already the sun is going down; you’re moody, I am your shadow. Let’s step inside a church and watch baptisms, marriages, masses for the dead. Why are we different from the rest?Continue reading “Tracing Mansions”

The Dispersion of Stories

“The dispersion of stories points to the dispersion of the memorable as well. And in fact memory is a sort of anti-museum: it is not localizable. Fragments of it come out in legends. Objects and words also have hollow places in which a past sleeps, as in the everyday acts of walking, eating, going toContinue reading “The Dispersion of Stories”

Nerve Pulses

THE RHYTHMS PRONOUNCE THEMSELVES THEN VANISH by Dean Young After they told me the CT showed there was nothing wrong with my stomach but my heart was failing, I plunked one of those weird 2 dollar tea balls I bought in Chinatown and it bobbed and bloomed like a sea monster and tasted like feetContinue reading “Nerve Pulses”

The House in the Hill

Gorgeous afternoon today, so I went to Golden Gardens, probably my favorite spot in Seattle. The bright light made for some strong reflections and what I thought were some interesting images. Later I’ll post a few others that I liked, but this one in particular I wanted to put up today, it being 9/11, asContinue reading “The House in the Hill”