“To conceive of the impossible is difficult. Magritte knew this. ‘In both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life, our thought does not manifest its freedom to its fullest extent. It is unceasingly threatened or involved in what happens to us. It coincides with a thousand and one things which restrict it. This coincidence is almostContinue reading “Coincidence”

Perchance to Dream

“The beams of the gingerbread house are licorice sticks, cemented with taffy, weatherboarded with gingerbread, and coated with caramel. Peppermint-stick chimneys sprout randomly from its chocolate roof and its windows are laced with meringue. Oh, what a house! and the best thing of all is the door.” —Robert Coover, from “The Gingerbread House” in PricksongsContinue reading “Perchance to Dream”

Excision (Reprise)

“The transportation of the body at the speed of light, previously precluded, will finally dissipate the old propriety of mass that consisted in resisting all acceleration by reducing the magnitude of movements, by braking; beyond the nuclear disintegration and the explosion of fissile materials, we are helpless witnesses to the vehicular dissipation, to the implosionContinue reading “Excision (Reprise)”


“The fact that human beings have created, and daily create, this self-directed system through which they divest themselves of their innermost identity, is not therefore the result of some incomprehensible misunderstanding of history, nor is it history somehow gone off the rails. Neither is it the product of some diabolical higher will which as decided,Continue reading “Veiled”