“I’m not capable of describing my own liberation as a series of plausible events; I lack the ability to convey the evolutionary history of my own resurrection–I present only these epiphanic stanzas, though my resurrection too was like an epiphany, like a haiku; it was like a single line of poetry, unerring as lightning.” —JerzyContinue reading “Celluloid”


“In saying that performers act in a relatively informal, relaxed way while backstage and are on their guard when giving a performance, it should not be assumed that the pleasant interpersonal things of life—courtesy, warmth, generosity, and pleasure in the company of others—are always reserved for those backstage and that suspiciousness, snobbishness, and a showContinue reading “Frontstage”

A Certain Hesitancy (Three for Leiter)

“The yellowish smoke that rose from the glowing coals and never entirely dispersed up the chimney mingled with the smell of carbolic pervading the whole house. I stood for hours at the window, studying the wonderful formation of icy mountain ranges two or three inches high formed above the crossbars by water running down theContinue reading “A Certain Hesitancy (Three for Leiter)”

Creature Fear

CROW’S VANITY Looking close in the evil mirror Crow saw Mistings of civilizations towers gardens Battles he wiped the glass but there came Listings of skyscrapers webs of cities Steaming the glass he wiped it there came Spread of swamp ferns fronded on the listings A trickling spider he wiped the glass he peered ForContinue reading “Creature Fear”


“The fact that human beings have created, and daily create, this self-directed system through which they divest themselves of their innermost identity, is not therefore the result of some incomprehensible misunderstanding of history, nor is it history somehow gone off the rails. Neither is it the product of some diabolical higher will which as decided,Continue reading “Veiled”