“The future is unwritten.” —Joe Strummer

“Better to be the creaking of a floor than shrilly transparent perfection.” —Zbigniew Herbert

I write, take pictures, and wander. My work has appeared in Gravel Magazine, Glamberton, New Topographics, Mojave River Review, Creative Thresholds, Unbroken Journal, and other indie publications.

Contact: cmbronsk [at] gmail [dot] com     

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  1. Hello Emily! Wonderful to hear from you. I hope you’re well, too. Hope 2018 is a creative and peaceful year! Looking forward to keeping up with your work. Chris

  2. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog. Really loving the first few shots I’ve looked at, so looking forward to checking out more :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and the positive feedback. I hope you’ll make it back to the Pacific Northwest soon. In the meantime, I look forward to following you on your blog.

  4. Wow, I”m honored by the follow on my blog. Love your pictures! I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest — except for one tiny super quick visit to Portland. Would love to go back. Your pics are inspiring me! Take care, L.

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