Red Carpet

Red Carpet. © Chris Bronsk 2015.

“Morris Graves used to have an old Ford in Seattle. He had removed all the seats and put in a table and chairs so that the car was like a small furnished room with books, a vase with flowers and so forth. One day he drove up to a luncheonette, parked, opened the door on the street side, unrolled a red carpet across the sidewalk. Then he walked on the carpet, went in, and ordered a hamburger. Meanwhile, a crowd gathered, expecting something strange to happen. However, all Graves did was eat the hamburger, pay his bill, get back in the car, roll up the carpet, and drive off.”—John Cage, A Year from Monday: Lectures and New Writings

(You can download Cage’s book from Monoskop at the link above.)

6 thoughts on “Red Carpet

  1. Beautiful in its simplicity. And the photo is perfect – I love it. There’s something there in its emptiness, with the sun shining in and reflecting along the walls. A feeling of being lost alone in ones own thoughts. Thank you for sharing this one.

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