Roque Island Afternoon. © Chris Bronsk 2015.

“The cedar waxwings swarmed the backyard this afternoon—at least a thousand of them—and the radio I had been listening to went static with their coming and then switched to a French station I could not understand. I moved from my table to the window to watch the birds feed on the red mountain ash berries. Poor trees. They looked so patient in the snow, so resigned to being stripped of their color for the sake of the birds…

“It has been discovered that trees communicate with one another below the ground through root systems and fungi. I do not know if they communicate with birds, but it seems possible in a world where all manner of unimaginable things happens in places seen and unseen, in forests and gardens and parks.”

Angela Pelster, from “Les Oiseaux” in Limber (Sarabande, 2014).

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