I Tried to Think of Kieślowski

Graven Images. © Chris Bronsk 2015.

Slow Dominions

“If you have a lot of nightmares over the course of a few weeks, they collect in the brain like coral reefs. You get heart palpitations. At the Diagnostic Center, I had an ultrasound done of the organ thought to be so vital to love. But to start my treatment, I have to go to another office an pay 90 litai. I returned to the clinic, to the same doctor I’d seen two years before, and modestly, with great dignity, I spread my high-quality black-and-white ventricles and values on the table in front of him. The doctor said, ‘Get undressed. Don’t be so tense. We’ll do another ultrasound.’ ‘What?’ I asked, ‘You don’t trust the Diagnostic Center?’ ‘I trust them,’ he asserted, ‘I trust them so much I was even married to the doctor who did your test, when I was young. Which is why we’ll do it over again.’ Then he continued: ‘I completely agree with her conclusion. Your heart is still healthy. It’s the cardiogram that’s bad.’ He pulled a book out of a drawer, opened it to a diagram of the heart that looked impressive even from a distance, and, pointing with a pencil, explained the circulation of the blood through the veins (blue) and arteries (red). Wanting to distance myself at that moment, I tried to think of Kieślowski.” —Giedra Radvilavičiūtė, Those Whom I Would Like to Meet Again

(from an ongoing series of Boston transit travelers)

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