Excision (Reprise)

Exision (Reprise). © Chris Bronsk 2015.

“The transportation of the body at the speed of light, previously precluded, will finally dissipate the old propriety of mass that consisted in resisting all acceleration by reducing the magnitude of movements, by braking; beyond the nuclear disintegration and the explosion of fissile materials, we are helpless witnesses to the vehicular dissipation, to the implosion of all mass and of all matter in the ubiquity of the excess of the light of speed. Thus, at the heart of this critical mass that has attained the point of no return, where temporal duration and spatial extension will have been evacuated by the final reconcentration of the physical field, all surfaces will be face to face, overexposed in a single interface, the absolute triumph of the geocentric illusion where the Occident will have finally come to its complete expression.” —Paul Virilio, from Negative Horizon

(This photograph is a reprise of “Excision” from 2014 and its pictorial asymptote, “Diagnosis” of 2013. It’s a theme I hope to revisit yearly.)

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