Seventh and Never

Seventh and Never. © Chris Bronsk, 2014.
Seventh and Never. © Chris Bronsk 2014.

“A man has to find himself. What caused my fears was the fact that we moved around so much. I never seemed to have found a home—until now. I used to be very scared. I’ve been saved three times. I fell into a dam once, when I was going to a Y camp. I was scared and I was saved. One time, out here on Lake Michigan, the undertow got me. And I had to be saved that time. At school, I was swimming, we were taking a test, and all of a sudden I tightened up. I got scared. I’m a three-time loser and I came through this. I can’t fail again.” —Dennis Hart, Chicago cabbie, in Studs Terkel’s Division Street

2 thoughts on “Seventh and Never

  1. Thank you, Richard. It was all chance and a quick shot, which explains the poor focus. But I liked how the elements were arranged in the frame. Plus, it said a lot to me about Seattle (it’s an older shot, I don’t live there anymore). You tend to see more older cars like that out west. Anyway, glad you liked the shot.

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