The Family Business

The Family Business. © Chris Bronsk, 2014.
The Family Business. © Chris Bronsk, 2014.

“It wasn’t long before everyone on Cloud Street and anyone who lived near it knew about the Lambs’ new shop, and not long before they started to spend as much as they gawked. At dawn you’d see the little woman out there sending Lester and Quick off to the markets across the rails, and the whole still street would be full of the coughing of the new truck and the reverberation of Oriel’s instructions. Nobody was ever left in doubt as to how many stones of spuds she thought necessary for a day’s trading, or how to feel the ripest watermelon or what to tell that man Boswell when he started trying to fence bad tomatoes on them again. Even if you couldn’t see those meatly little arms and the sexless ashen bob and the sensible boots on her through your bedroom window and your morning blear, there wasn’t a chance you’d escape the sound of her sending the family about it business.” —Tim Winton, Cloudstreet

(From an ongoing series of urban architecture shots)

5 thoughts on “The Family Business

  1. It’s a good point. I’m not a pro, and I probably overuse low angles in shots like these. But this blog for me is all about learning and experimenting. So, I appreciate the feedback.

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