Diamond on a Windowpane

Movement (I): Long Beach. © Chris Bronsk 2014.

Old Glories. © Chris Bronsk 2014.

“It is as big and depthless as the sky itself. You can see the curve of the earth on its surface as it stretches away for miles to the far shore. Sunset has turned the water to the color of unripe peaches. There’s no wind. Sandbars and wooded islands stand on their exact reflections. The only signs of movement on the water are the lightly scratched lines which run in parallel across it like the scores of a diamond on a windowpane. In the middle distance, the river smokes with toppling pillars of mist which soften light so that one can almost reach out and take in handfuls of that thickened air.”

—Jonathan Raban, from Old Glory

(This post is for Emily Hughes and for Tom Gething, for their kind words and for looking.)

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