Counter Life

Counterlife (I). © Chris Bronsk, 2014.

Counterlife (II). © Chris Bronsk, 2014.

“Maybe it’s all just a hazard of midlife penury, I don’t know, but I rarely, if ever, sit in cafés anymore. Passing chatter, the general groan of a place, they no longer create that pocket of space I can enter, like a cave in an avalanche, and sit and wonder, wait it out, or not think at all. It’s just snow: the ambient sounds, the networked divisions of transit, a door swing, scuff of a shoe, the remnants of noise like the black of shadows in white light, waiting to be shuttled out by interruption. And if I am, on occasion, able to sit somewhere in public alone, that alone is borrowed like a shirt with my name sewn on it. Just there for someone to read back to me.”

—from “The Visitor”

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