Stripes and Stars. © Chris Bronsk, 2014.Taxi. © Chris Bronsk, 2014.

“So often
We are

Out on it—
To imagine

The day any
Different than
We hoped it

Might be…”

Alex Lemon, from “Marooning,” in The Wish Book (Milkweed Editions, 2014)

I shot these through the window scrim in our city art museum. In a room of wall-sized, technicolor abstractions, these street scenes caught my eye. Photographing out the window in favor of gawking at the art caught the eye of security, and I thought I might be asked to leave. I do like abstract expressionism, I explained in my defense, but it’s so sunny outside. The distortions in the images, minimally edited (he said in self-defense), remind me at newsprint halftone under a loupe as I was, and these subjects were, in what might or might not have been a rather panoptic moment.

“Taxi” appeared as part of a recent feature post of my work on Creative Thresholds, an arts and literature journal. Please visit and show your support for this fine journal and their hard work. Thanks.


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