That Piece of Sundown

Bees (Self-Portrait). © Chris Bronsk 2014.

Winter Holiday. © Chris Bronsk 2014.


Like little forges for which the heart too often gets mistaken, the dogs run ahead of me, just out of earshot, across what’s a field, and then a coast: some stones, some sand. Funny how sorrow more often arrives before honesty, than the other way around. To my left a blackness

like the past, but without the past’s precision; to my right, the ocean…Not so lost as I’d been thinking, then—or had once, admittedly, maybe even hoped for. Kingdom of what’s left, still to be angry at, or forgive. All of the bees flying out of me. We’re traveling north.

(from Silverchest, FSG, 2013)

11 thoughts on “That Piece of Sundown

  1. Thanks, Carla. Yes, I think it is through that dialogue that understanding begins to emerge. I have learned a great deal from visiting the many great blogs here, including yours. Best wishes.

  2. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog. It got me back here where I’ve enjoyed the conversation. I agree, other people’s interpretation of my work helps me see my work in a new light. We are always learning from each other.Carla

  3. I will definitely return as you keep posting. You have an interesting perspective and style that’s actually helped me with my own posts as well. I’m very grateful that I’ve stumbled across your blog. I’ve added two new categories to my blog since browsing through your work.

  4. I agree. And I don’t think any photographer (or artist, writer, filmmaker, etc.) has the definitive say over the meaning in his or her texts. Any responsible reading is, I feel, legitimate and worthy. This is why I have enjoyed so much your comments and feedback on my posts. They have helped me see my own pictures and learn more about them. I appreciate that and hope you will return in the future, as I look forward to doing to your work. Best wishes.

  5. Thanks, Jennifer. I like the push and pull between disparate images and seeing how what I’ve been reading interacts with that tension. I can’t say I had a specific story in mind when I put them together, but I really like the idea that you sensed one. Your insights and suggestions have drawn my thoughts back to the pictures, which I greatly appreciate together with all your feedback and close attention.

  6. Incredible! I think I understand what you were going for in this one. The first photo shows the symmetry and order of the wood benches while there is also disorder and lack of symmetry of the people around the benches. The next photo of the painting with the reflection of your hands taking the photo seems to tell me you were feeling inspired and a lot of energy. By bringing it back to the first photo, it implies that this is what you felt about taking this photo. I really like the story behind this one. Very creative, very sharp and fine tuned to what others perceive when they look at art.

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