To a Clearing

Clearing (I). © Chris Bronsk 2014.


Swallows are flying grief-circles over their featherless young,
Night-dropped and dead on the wooden step.
The aspen leaves have turned grey, slapped by the hard, west wind.

Someone who knows how little he knows
Is like the man who comes to a clearing in the forest, and sees the light spikes
And suddenly senses how happy his life has been.

(from Scar Tissue, 2006, FSG)

8 thoughts on “To a Clearing

  1. There is much more to this work than meets the eye. Once inside, the perspective is fascinating.

  2. Thanks. I love Charles Wright’s work. I took the shot from a bridge. The building face is only 10 feet or so away. I think kids fill balloons with paint and splatter them on the building. It is an odd space and perspective that has always interested me. Thanks for checking out my post!

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