The Cracks of a Gate

Cracks of a Gate. © 2013 Chris Bronsk.
Cracks of a Gate. © 2013 Chris Bronsk.


If after our death they want to transform us into a tiny withered flame that walks along the paths of winds—we have to rebel. What good is an eternal leisure on the bosom of air, in the shade of a yellow halo, amid the murmur of two-dimensional choirs?

One should enter rock, wood, water, the cracks of a gate. Better to be the creaking of a floor than shrilly transparent perfection.

11 thoughts on “The Cracks of a Gate

  1. I haven’t heard of that novel before. I will definitely check it out sometime, I had an idea for a story that went like that. Looks like someone else wrote it first. Hopefully I can still make mine unique.

  2. Jumping in to enter another world is an interesting idea. Not one that had occurred to me but now brings to mind Michal Ajvaz’s fantastical novel The Other City, which I really recommend if you haven’t read it.

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