A Cart Pulled by Butterflies

Butterfly Cart. © 2013. Chris Bronsk.
Butterfly Cart. © 2013. Chris Bronsk.

Even the wind wants
to become a cart
pulled by butterflies.

I remember madness
leaning for the first time
on the mind’s pillow.
I was talking to my body then
and my body was an idea
I wrote in red.

Red is the sun’s most beautiful throne
and all the other colors
worship on red rugs.

Night is another candle.
In every branch, an arm,
a message carried in space
echoed by the body of the wind.

from “Celebrating Childhood,” by Adonis (Tr. Khaled Mattawa)

13 thoughts on “A Cart Pulled by Butterflies

  1. This really is a photographic image and not a photographic record. So many layers of emotion in here. Karen called it. We all have that bundle of spirit inside us that kicks in when life changes, especially without warning.

  2. Thank you, Karen. That’s an interesting comparison I hadn’t thought of. I was compelled by how the boy seemed to hold both the thrill and fear of the moment in his body. Yes, vulnerability says it well, that thin line between. I really appreciate your giving my post such a close look.

  3. Gosh, there is something quite unsettling about this image and I think it’s because it references (for me) that iconic Vietnam War image of the young girl running from the napalm bomb. I’m sure you know the one I mean.
    I find this immensely powerful, Chris. A comment on how childhood could go one way or the other, how things can change so quickly. Vulnerability…
    Beautifully composed. I am in awe.

  4. Fantastic! Something very surreal about this, I feel like he is about to be sucked back into the mouth of that water creature…!

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