Unknown Pleasures

“The concept of the world as a system of precise compensation influenced the Immortals vastly. In the first place, it made them vulnerable to pity. I have mentioned the ancient quarries which broke the field on the other bank; a man once fell headlong into the deepest of them; he could not hurt himself or die but was burning with thirst; before they threw him a rope, seventy years went by. Neither were they interested in their own fate. The body, for them, was a submissive domestic animal and it sufficed to give it, every month, the pittance of a few hours of sleep, a bit of water and a scrap of meat. Let no one reduce us to the status of ascetics. There is no pleasure more complex than that of thought and we surrendered ourselves to it.” —Jorge Luis Borges, “The Immortal

(This post is dedicated to sedge808 and his lovely dark images and love of jelly fish. Cheers.)

Unknown Pleasures (I)
Unknown Pleasures (I)
Unknown Pleasures (II)
Unknown Pleasures (II)
Unknown Pleasures (III)
Unknown Pleasures (III)

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