A few details from the beautiful street mural The Architecture of Endlessness by NKO in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. (This post is an homage to Jackie Hadel, who’s celebrating the release of her first book, Bogota Street Art. Check it out!)

Endlessness 1

Endlessness II
Endlessness III

INTERSTELLAR  (from the Thirteenth of June sequence)

So there we were, hurtling
towards the nebulae,
straddling a rocket
as if astride a yearling
forever in mid-bound.
“It’s not as cold as
I expected,” she said,
And as we burned past Mars,
“I’d like a room painted
that color red.”
“For what, to hide in?”
She laughed, stars pulsed,
I knew my name.
“Follow me,” I said,
and together we dipped
our shoulders and fish-tailed
towards Pleiades, scorched
the sky above amoebae
celebrating the feast of water.
Meteors fell into Jupiter’s eye
like a preacher’s spittle.
“Should we try,” I asked,
but the sound of our nosecone
piercing the wraith
of a drunk Punic queen
squelched her reply.
“Is there time for coffee?”
she inquired as our galaxy
returned into view,
our little planet a pebble
in a dancer’s sequined shoe,
and Lo! she was still soft, sleeping
as I awoke and her pale foot
touching mine above the sheets,
interstellar, toe to toe.

11 June (to D)

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