Once as Good as Always

Good as Always, Seattle, 2013

Once that moment had passed, a more objective gaze revealed that the sticky object in his hand was formless and repulsive. He was through for the day. He tossed the fish into the washbowl full of water, and, for want of a rag, dried his hands on the sheet of notepaper, which he then folded and put in his pocket, thinking it might come in useful. He had a superstitious respect for any kind of paper. When his eyes returned to the washbowl, he saw that the twisted, bloated, monstrous fish was swimming, on its side, up and down, vertically, like a sea horse, visibly alive. That was the finishing touch. They always went on living, no matter what he did to them. Actually, this was the first time it had happened, but once was as good as “always.”

César Aira, Varamo

10 thoughts on “Once as Good as Always

  1. Thanks, Richard. Like a clown, he was both an appealing and frightening figure. I guess that’s why their activity drew my eye. I always appreciate your feedback.

  2. I love how the balloon hat is left to present both anxiety and comedy, while the two men get on with their business. Great shot. Varamo looks very interesting.

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