To a Stop

To a Stop (I), Seattle, 2013

To a Stop (II), Seattle, 2013


It happens very rarely. The earth’s axis screeches and come to a stop. Everything stands still then: storms, ships, and clouds grazing in the valleys. Everything. Even horses in a meadow become immobile as if in an unfinished game of chess.

And after a while the world moves on. The ocean swallows and regurgitates, valleys send off steam and the horses pass from the black field into the white field. There is also heard the resounding clash of air against air.

2 thoughts on “To a Stop

  1. Thank you very much, Richard. I’m also partial to the first one, though both surprised me when I had a closer look. I appreciate your feedback.

  2. These are both great, but that first shot is stunning, Chris – beautifully composed like strings plucked on a violin at the opening of a song. And, of course, a perfect match for Herbert.

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