Absorbing the Intentions

Absorbing the Intention

from READING by Joanne Burns

there were so many books. she had to separate them to avoid being overwhelmed by the excessive implications of their words. she kept hundreds in a series of boxes inside a wire cage in a warehouse. and hundreds more on the shelves of her various rooms. when she changed houses she would pack some of the books into the boxes and exchange them for others that had been hibernating. these resurrected books were precious to her for a while. they had assumed the patinas of dusty chthonic wisdoms. and thus she would let them sit on the shelves admiring them from a distance. gathering time and air. she did not want to be intimate with their insides. the atmospherics suggested by the titles were enough. sometimes she would increase the psychic proximities between herself and the books and place a pile of them on the floor next to her bed. and quite possibly she absorbed their intentions while she slept.

7 thoughts on “Absorbing the Intentions

  1. You’re so right. She was so absorbed in her reading and oblivious to her surroundings that it did seem like love. I hadn’t thought of it that way until you said that. Thanks, Arjun.

  2. This is pure romance. An experience we’ve all shared in some way or the other with our collection of books, we’re so in love with and possessive about.

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