The Club

The Club, 2013
“Oh, if I were doing nothing only out of laziness. Lord, how I’d respect myself then. Respect myself precisely because I’d at least be capable of having laziness in me; there would be in me at least one, as it were, positive quality, which I myself could be sure. Question: who is he? Answer: a lazybones. Now, it would be most agreeable to hear that about myself. It means I’m positively defined; it means there’s something to say about me. “Lazybones!”—now, that’s a title and a mission, it’s a career, sirs. No joking, it really is. By rights I’m then a member of the foremost club, and my sole occupation is ceaselessly respecting myself. I knew a gentleman who prided himself all his life on being a fine judge of Lafite. He regarded it as his positive merit and never doubted himself. He died not merely with a serene but with a triumphant conscience, and he was perfectly right.” —F. Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground.

4 thoughts on “The Club

  1. Yes, and membership in this guy’s club too easy to attain in today’s world. I feel uneasy about shots like these, but I hoped the irony of the quote would help, plus I loved his pose.

  2. I’m happy to share that brainwave. I love both books. Crime is less fresh in my mind. Notes I go back to again and again, as I did for this quote.

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