I Watch Myself Dreaming

Dream Agenda. © Chris Bronsk 2013.

Written in Light. © Chris Bronsk 2013.

Return. © Chris Bronsk 2013.

from “Light” by C. K. Williams

Always in the dream I seemed conscious of myself having the dream even as I dreamed it.
Even now, the dream moving towards light, the field of light flowing gently towards me,
I watch myself dreaming, I watch myself dreaming and watching, I watch both watchers together.
It almost seems that this is what dream is about, to think what happens as it’s happening

At last, sometimes, perhaps driven to this, perhaps falling upon it in exhaustion or resignation,
I try to recapture how I once dreamed, innocently, with no thought of being beside or beyond:
I imagine myself in that healing accord I still somehow believe must precede or succeed dream.
My vigilance never flags, though; I behold the infernal beholder, I behold the uncanny beheld,
this mind streaming through me, its turbulent stillness, its murmur, inexorable, beguiling.

(part of my No Center series)

8 thoughts on “I Watch Myself Dreaming

  1. Love the opening line to the poem. The photos go so well with it, especially the flowers gone to seed.

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