A devout John Coltrane fan, I am partial to his earlier work, especially Giant Steps and the classic quartet albums. But with each listen of his later, more abstract albums, I come to appreciate how, as in Interstellar Space, his tight focus and intensity turn abstractions into meditations and new visions. I thought of Coltrane when I read the recent news of images of the birth of planets. I also thought of the opening stanzas of French poet Robert Marteau‘s beautifully austere poem “Plants and Planets,” which introduce these two abstract macro shots:

Plants and planets
Obey the same heaven;
As beasts and men
Are nourished by the same sun;

And the metal in the mine
Warms minute stars,
Sulphurous flowers so delicate
They live in every corpuscle.

((You can read the entire poem here. Click to enlarge the images.)

Interstellar (I)

Interstellar (II)

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